Monday, May 28, 2012

Holiday, an award and swimming

1. I get confirmation from my friend that he'll be home in Paris in September. So I immediately set about finding and confirming a flight to Paris for 1 September. I'm also planning to hop across to the UK after visiting with my friend. My holiday can't come soon enough.
2. A certificate thanking me for providing excellent service to my clients sits atop my desk. I've never received an award for my work before (you can't count book prizes in school). It's gratifying to know that what I do is appreciated.
3. I wake early and go for a swim. The water's cold, but I enjoy my 40 minutes of slowly swimming laps. I'd forgotten how calming and therapeutic swimming can be.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Results, a laugh and lunch

1) A visit to the doctor reveals that my test results are normal. Or more accurately, there are no signs of significant abnormality. I walk out of the office a little lighter and with a smile of relief on my face. 
2) I have a good laugh (or 20) at the crass jokes and ridiculous plot of 21 Jump Street. I'm old enough to remember the TV series and am glad to see some of the old cast members in the movie. 
3) Lunch with a good friend wraps up a day out that's made me happier  than I've been in months. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

A reprieve, an award and getting to work

1. My football (soccer) team earns a reprieve when the teams chasing them in the league draw and lose their respective matches. Huge sighs of relief all around. But no more screw-ups please!
2. I get an email letting me know that I've received a service award. It's a little unexpected - I knew I'd been nominated but didn't think top management would approve - but very welcome. I've been feeling unappreciated lately and this is a wonderful boost.
3. It's raining when I step out of the house to get to work, but wonder of wonders I manage to flag down a cab within 5 mins. It doesn't matter that he's unfamiliar with the route - he gets me to work on time.