Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A parcel, colleagues and cake

1. I check the mail box and find that my parcel of goodies has arrived. It sits there big and square, squashing all the letters and junk mail with its weight. 

2. The ride home is a little less tedious today, thanks to two colleagues who regale me with hilarious anecdotes of their workday. Their sense of humour is much appreciated. 

3. A small chunk of my birthday cake remains. It looks lonely, so I grab a fork and plate. Eight minutes later, all that is left are a few crumbs. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Normal sevice is resumed: beads, a present and friends

I have completely neglected this blog for the past several months. I have no excuse except  to say that I seem to have misplaced my mojo. It was a struggle all last year to keep sight of all that was going right in my life, instead of what (I thought) was going wrong. I don't know if I've turned the corner yet but I'm going to resume paying attention to all the little things for which I should be thankful.

1. I come in to work to find eight little bags of beads I bought from a colleague. I spend the next 10 minutes ooh-ing and aah-ing over them.

2. My sister calls me into her room to look at a selection of yoga mats on the PC.  It seems I'll be getting one for a birthday present.

3. I have a date with a friend later this evening to watch Jack the Giant Slayer. She's also bringing with her several packs of loose leaf tea she bought on her most recent holiday, just for me.