Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A movie, work and a bag

1. I get to watch The Dark Knight Rises for free tonight. A day before it opens for general screening. Plus it's at the IMAX theatre. I'm a lucky duck.
2. I make a little progress with a fairly new client, which is encouraging.
3. My new bag is too pretty to be saved for a special occasion. I take it out from the cupboard, transfer my wallet et all into it and cart it with me to work.

Monday, July 2, 2012

A concert, reunion and cornbread

1. Fresh air. Greenery. Jason Mraz singing 'live'. For 2 hours and 20 minutes. I must be one of the lucky ones.
2. I get dressed up and meet with 49 fabulous women from my secondary school. It's been more than 20 years since most of us last saw each other, but it's like nothing's changed. The faces and voices are the same, and we spend the evening laughing and grooving to 80s music. It feels like the good old days once more.
3. A cornbread mix bought on a whim turns out to be well worth the money spent. A delicious substitute for my usual bread, it does an excellent job mopping up the gravy on my plate.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New story, chocolate and music

1. I have many guilty pleasures, and reading fanfiction is one of them. Today, I wake early and check in to a favourite site to find a new story. I'm pleasantly surprised that both grammar and spelling are sound. The plot isn't too cliched either. I think I'm going to enjoy reading this story.
2. There's a spare mini-pack of M&Ms left over from an event. Needing something sweet after lunch, I grab the pack and inhale the tiny morsels in 5 minutes.
3. The office is quiet today. People are either on vacation leave, off sick or somewhere else working. Which means I have the room to myself and therefore the license to play whatever music I desire at whatever volume that suits me. Right now, my iPod is blasting N*Sync tunes. Did I mention that boybands are another of my guilty pleasures?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Holiday, an award and swimming

1. I get confirmation from my friend that he'll be home in Paris in September. So I immediately set about finding and confirming a flight to Paris for 1 September. I'm also planning to hop across to the UK after visiting with my friend. My holiday can't come soon enough.
2. A certificate thanking me for providing excellent service to my clients sits atop my desk. I've never received an award for my work before (you can't count book prizes in school). It's gratifying to know that what I do is appreciated.
3. I wake early and go for a swim. The water's cold, but I enjoy my 40 minutes of slowly swimming laps. I'd forgotten how calming and therapeutic swimming can be.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Results, a laugh and lunch

1) A visit to the doctor reveals that my test results are normal. Or more accurately, there are no signs of significant abnormality. I walk out of the office a little lighter and with a smile of relief on my face. 
2) I have a good laugh (or 20) at the crass jokes and ridiculous plot of 21 Jump Street. I'm old enough to remember the TV series and am glad to see some of the old cast members in the movie. 
3) Lunch with a good friend wraps up a day out that's made me happier  than I've been in months. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

A reprieve, an award and getting to work

1. My football (soccer) team earns a reprieve when the teams chasing them in the league draw and lose their respective matches. Huge sighs of relief all around. But no more screw-ups please!
2. I get an email letting me know that I've received a service award. It's a little unexpected - I knew I'd been nominated but didn't think top management would approve - but very welcome. I've been feeling unappreciated lately and this is a wonderful boost.
3. It's raining when I step out of the house to get to work, but wonder of wonders I manage to flag down a cab within 5 mins. It doesn't matter that he's unfamiliar with the route - he gets me to work on time.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Relief, a sale and old friends

It's been terribly silent here lately. But I'll try to rectify that as best I can. Several things have happened lately for which I'm thankful, so in no particular here's my 3BT - for the past month.

1. My MRI results came back clear. To say I'm relieved is an understatement. I'm trying hard to manage my migraines better.
2. I had my very first online sale on Etsy - which is an online marketplace for handmade/handcrafted goods - which totally made my day. Week. Month. Really.
3. Re-connecting with an old friend who's back here after being in the US for years has been wonderful. There's nothing like reminiscing over the good ol' days with someone who's known you for over 20 years.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday, new books and a follower

1. Saturday is spent having lunch with a good friend and catching up on all the news. There's even time to pop into the book store and also go grocery shopping.
2. Thanks to some good discounts, three new books sit on my shelf waiting to be read.  
3. I get on the computer and find that this 3BT blog of mine has gained its very first follower. I'm surprised, touched and ecstatic all at once. Thank you Cathie! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fitflops, tea and a foot massage

1. I finally succumb and get myself a pair of Fitflops. They're uber comfortable.
2. A lazy afternoon is spent having tea at a friend's newly-renovated home. No scones or cake but there's dim sum instead. And fruit salad and raspberry sorbet. And of course, tea.
3. There's time for a foot reflexology massage. After the pain comes immense relief.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

An email, a free afternoon and a Feb meeting

1. I receive an email informing me that I've fulfilled all the requirements of the certification course I enrolled in back in late 2010. To say I'm relieved and thankful would be an understatement. There's a smidgen of pride too that I've managed to complete the course.
2. I take the afternoon off from work. There's time to visit my homeopathic practitioner, go grocery shopping and make a pot of vegetable soup for dinner.
3. A friend calls and offers to arrange for a gathering in mid-Feb. It'll be nice to meet and catch up with everyone.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Surprises, good news and a gathering

1. I get a pleasant surprise when I check the mail. Two surprises actually. A friend many miles away has sent a card wishing me a Happy 2012. Another friend has sent a book written by a former mutual schoolmate. Love.
2. A letter from the hospital delivers some good news. I haven't said much but I have been going out of my mind with worry this past month. I'm not entirely out of the woods yet - there are a couple more health appointments to go - but I can feel a fair bit of the anxiety and worry unravelling and fading away.
3. I get an invitation on Facebook to attend a gathering of old schoolfriends in a few weeks. I've mentioned it before - it's nice to be remembered by others.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Experimenting, Glee and a phone call

1. There's time this afternoon to make some jewellery. I experiment with some resin I've had on hand for a long while. Two rings and three pendants now sit under a cover waiting for the resin to cure. 
2. I catch up on episodes of Glee and spend two hours singing along to the songs. 
3. The phone rings and it's a dear friend calling all the way from Paris. We share a happy hour catching up with each other. 

P.S. Happy New Year everyone! I'd like to wish us all peace, joy and health in 2012.