Monday, March 7, 2011

Workshops, birthdays and new music

1. I survived my very first stab at conducting a jewellery-making workshop on Saturday. All but 1 of the participants managed to complete the 2 rings I taught. That one woman went home with baggies full of beads and instruction guides so she could make the rings at home.
2. This is way overdue - but I celebrated a birthday. I'm now a year away from another milestone birthday. Not quite sure if I should be happy or sad. On the whole, I'm leaning towards 'happy'.
3. Not being particularly hip or cool (as you can clearly see since I just used the words 'hip' and 'cool' in the same sentence), I've only just stumbled on Florence + The Machine. I'm now in love with Dog Days are Over. It's on loop on my iPod.

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