Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank you Mr Mailman

Yay! Two of my parcels arrived at the beginning of this week. A good thing too. I was starting to get really worried that they may have been lost in the mail. I now have 4 - yes, 4 - used books in my clutches. It pains me to admit that I actually had these books in my posession at one point or other in my life. But they either got lost or were given away and I'm now on a quest to retrieve them - volume by volume - from all corners of the globe. I've read (or should that be 're-read') one and am half-way through the second. Hopefully, the books will get me through the weekend.

I'm now waiting for my other 2 parcels to arrive. I hope they are winging their way to me as I type. I'm fairly itching to get my hands on them. Why? Because I gave in to tempation - again! - and ordered a bunch of beautiful artist-made lampwork beads. Nothing too outrageous (style or cost-wise) but definitely drool-worthy. Photos are clearly in order so I'll post some pics when the beads finally get here. In the meantime, it's Friday! Hope you've had a good week and here's to a fabulous weekend! 

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